Our Story

I didn't begin from nothing...

I started right next to nothing!

From a small pueblito in Costa Rica, before there was Chandelieria, there was only a little girl named Chloé.

Chloé had a dream to live someday in a big beautiful home with the most wonderfully gorgeous, unique chandeliers anywhere, among other things.

Well, now I'm much older, and I'm bringing my dream to you.

Chandelieria is a collection of my travels to bring the most creative chandeliers, pendants, lamps, fixtures, and sconces around the world to you. From Mexico to Brazil, to Australia to New Zealand, Spain to Italy, from Vietnam, Cambodia, China, to Indonesia, they are all here.

Chandelieria has quickly become an eCommerce leader for uniquely creative chandeliers and lighting decor from extraordinarily skilled artisans. 

Chandelieria has emerged as a one-stop home lighting website for chandeliers, chandelier ceiling lights, and chandelier lighting fixtures. You can find hundreds of chandelier lighting styles from talented lighting designers and artisans.

Chandelieria is proud to be part of the Chandelieria, LLC light group and what you see on our website is just a tiny portion of our many products, designs, and designers.


Chandelieria, LLC
30 N Gould Street 
Sheridan, Wyoming 82801
Tel: (307) 312-5551
Web: https://chandelieria.com
Email: lighting@chandelieria.com